1) процесс (в Windows - выполняемое приложение с собственным виртуальным адресным пространством, кодом, данными и другими ресурсами операционной системы, такими как файлы, каналы и синхронизирующие объекты; может иметь один или несколько потоков, выполняемых в контексте данного процесса)
2) технологический приём; способ обработки
3) технологический процесс
4) обрабатывать
- adaptive process
- additive process
- algorithmic process
- application process
- arrival process
- asleep process
- awake process
- batch-type process
- batch process
- birth-and-death process
- branching process
- client process
- collection process
- computational process
- concurrent process
- consumer process
- controlled process
- cooperative processes
- correspondent process
- cryptodeterministic process
- departure process
- deterministic process
- diagnostic walkback process
- discrete process
- dynamic remagnetization process
- edge extraction process
- ergodic process
- exhaustive process
- failure process
- father process
- fetch process
- half-additive process
- hereditary process
- highest priority process
- input process
- irreversible process
- iterative process
- lead process
- list process
- loosely coupled processes
- many-server process
- Markoff process
- Markovian process
- memoryless process
- multiplicative process
- multiserver process
- nonhereditary process
- output process
- Poisson process
- predefined process
- probability process
- producer process
- production process
- queueing process
- random process
- reading-in process
- reading process
- receiving process
- recursive process
- repetitive process
- requesting process
- reversal process
- reversible process
- rotation process
- sampling process
- sending process
- server process
- slave process
- sleeping process
- software process
- son process
- spawner process
- stochastic process
- surrogate process
- switching process
- temporally homogeneous process
- tightly coupled processes
- transcription process
- user process
- weaving process
- writing process

English-Russian dictionary of computer science and programming. 2013.

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